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It is the second stage in formation of universe as per the Chronology of our universe. In my previous article, I explained about the Plank Epoch, which is the previous step of Grand Unification Epoch. So, if you haven’t that article yet, then I highly recommend you to read that article first so that, you can understand this article more efficiently.

Grand Unification epoch was from 10^-43 seconds to 10^-36 seconds. It is believed that gravitational force was separated from the grand unified force while other forces remained unified as electronuclear force.

As per our current understanding, the characteristics like mass, flavour and charge were meaningless at that time period. It is also believed that, around this time-period the creation of earliest elementary particles and their antiparticles started.

During this period, the universe was still extremely hot and small. But it was cooled enough for the separation of gravity. When gravity was separated, only a single unified field remained which is described by Grand Unified Theory.

We cannot find this field today as back at that time all the current fundamental forces except Gravity were unified but, today the other three fundamental forces: strong nuclear force, Weak force and Electromagnetic force are separated and working separately.

Grand Unification epoch is followed by Inflationary epoch as per the Chronology of our Universe.

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