Will you believe if I tell you that you can be present in Delhi and London at the same time???

Certainly you answer will be no….right???

But believe me if you can reduce your size to quantum level and go to the quantum world then, you can be present in both the locations at the same time.


Certainly, most phenomenon in quantum world are bizarre on their own. They are completely different from our ‘common sense’.

The property of quantum objects to exist at different positions or at different quantum states at the same time is called quantum superposition.

Quantum superposition states that an object that is not being observed exists in all possible states at once or we can call that ‘it is in superposition’. To more simplify it, we can also say that, due to quantum superposition a particle which is not observed can have multiple velocities and can be at different places at once.

Let’s understand this with a simple experiment…

Assume that you threw two balls with same power and velocity at that same direction in the same conditions. What do you expect???

Our common sense will say that both of the balls will land at the same place…right???

But, imagine what will happen when you threw two electrons instead of balls???
Will you get the same result???

The answer is simple no….why???....because of Quantum Superposition.

When you throw the first ball and detect it with a detector at a particular
position, you can’t comment that the ball was travelling along the same path for
all the time till it reached here. So, if you throw the electron next time with all
the same parameters then, you can’t guarantee that the electron    
will travel in the same path.

That’s the trick of superposition.

We don’t encounter superposition in our day to day life as in macroworld , objects continuously encounter with the environment and thus act like an observer, and that’s why the wave function collapse and occur continuously occurs.

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