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Electroweak epoch is the fourth step as per the Chronology of our Universe. Earlier in my articles, I explained you about the Inflationary epoch which is also the third step as per Chronology of our universe. So, if you haven’t that article yet, then I highly recommend you to read that article first so that, you can understand this article more efficiently. Also, you can read the second step that is Grand Unification epoch to understand whole chronology in a better way.

Electroweak epoch represents a period of time in early universe when, the temperature had fallen enough for the separation of strong force from the electronuclear force and leaving behind electroweak interaction. Electroweak interaction was the mixture of electromagnetic force and weak force which were then inseparable as the temperature was still high enough (above about 159.5±1.5 GeV) for them to remain merged.

There is a big confusion among the astronomers about the starting time of this epoch. Some astronomers place this event at the start of inflationary epoch which is about 10^-36 seconds after big bang. Whereas, other astronomers place it after inflation and 10^-32 seconds after big bang explosion. The physics of this phase is better understood than the earlier phases of early universe.

Particle interaction during this period created amazing particles like W and Z bosons and Higgs bosons. They were mainly created after 10^-12 seconds after big bang and at the end of this period. Also, at the end of this period they come into action and created the weak interaction and Higgs field respectively. This triggers the fifth phase which is known as Quark Epoch.

In my next article, I going to explain about the next phase which is Quark Epoch.

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