Ahh!!! Finally!!! I was waiting to write this article since the introduction of quantum tunneling

This article is going to blend concept of quantum superposition and uncertainty principle to explain quantum tunneling.

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It is better to read the previous articles about superposition, uncertainty principle and quantum tunnelling before starting this article as it will help you to understand this complex phenomenon easily.

Quantum Tunnelling can be explained using the principle of superposition and uncertainty principle.

Now the question is: How???

In my previous article about quantum tunnelling I told you about the low temperature problem of sun according to which sun should cease to exist. But this is according to classical physics.

However, when we try to solve the problem using quantum approach, it magically solves!!!

Quantum superposition states that the nuclei of an atom can be at different places at the same time which denotes that there is a certain probability for them to approach and fuse together.

On the other hand, uncertainty principle states that there is always uncertainty regarding the momentum of an object so, one or both nuclei obtain immense velocity or momentum and fuse.

So, using both of these theories we can easily explain quantum tunnelling…Cheers!!!

In my next article I going to explain the application of quantum tunnelling in macro-world and its relation with our DNA and Cancer!!!

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