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Quark epoch is the fifth step according to the Chronology of the universe. It was from 10^-12 seconds to 10^-6 seconds after big bang. It is the next step of Electroweak Epoch and was triggered with the separation of electromagnetism from weak force.

If you haven’t read my article on the Electroweak epoch or inflation, then I suggest you first to read that article so that, you can understand this article fully…..

During this time period, for the very first time, all the current fundamental forces had taken their present form and the universe was filled with a dense, hot quark-gluon plasma like thing which contained quarks, antiquarks, leptons and anti-particles of leptons.

But still, the universe was too hot to allow the combination of quarks to form hadrons like protons, neutrons, Mesons etc. Also, during this period the collision between particles lead to an unstable environment for the creation of hadrons.

Quarks and anti-quarks were also colliding with each other during this period resulting annihilation process in large amount. But, surprisingly a surplus of quark survived. Those surviving quarks ultimately formed the matter we know today. No one knows why only quarks survived and it’s still a big unsolved mystery in physics.

In my next article, I will write about the sixth step which is known as Hadron Epoch.

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