International Space Station – an iconic satellite-laboratory orbiting our earth with a speed of about 7.66 km/sec, already inspired a whole new generation of future space scientists to dream big. Although, it was not the first space station introduced to the world. Both USA’s Skylab and Soviet’s Mir, inspired to create ISS.

But this time, India also wants to join the elite league. As already, India is preparing for its first ever human space flight, ISRO’s chairman confirmed about Indian Space Station. It will be undertaken after the success of Gaganyaan mission that is, India’s first human flight mission. The whole space station is expected to have a weight of 20 tonnes. The spacecraft will be placed in Low earth Orbit (300-400km).

Indian space Station will be a modular space station like ISS. This means different parts will be launched from different launches as it is not possible to launch such a big structure at once.

A model of Indian Space Station with docked Gaganyaan

The habitat modules will have their own sets of solar panels for power generation. As per the recent announcements, there will be two habitat modules. Each of the, will also have their own radiators. Radiators become more important in space stations, because when they orbit, one side will be extremely hot and other side will be extremely cold. So, radiators help to maintain a proper temperature balance inside to maintain critical life support environment for the crew.

Along with these, the habitat modules will have their own docking ports so that spacecrafts like Gaganyaan can dock with them. If ISRO provides the international docking port facility in this space station then, in future, other country’s spacecrafts can also dock there. The Habitat module is also expected to support 2-4 people.

For now, everything is dependent on Gaganyaan mission and its success will determine the timeline for the completion of Indian Space Station. Wishing all the best to ISRO.

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