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Big bang was mysterious….right???
But do you know, astronomers recently have announced that they have discovered something which was previously believed as ‘something which couldn’t exist’!!! This statement is itself mysterious….right???

Well…then let’s dig into it….

In the field of cosmology, there is a term called AGNs or Active Galactic Nuclei. Till now, I didn’t dedicate a complete article on it but in the near future, I will do. Moreover, if you want to know about it in detail then you can read my book ‘Through the Wormhole’. There I have explained it in the simplest way possible!!!

So, coming back to the point of discussion, AGNs are nothing but those galaxies that have very bright centres and primarily consists of SMBHs or Supermassive Black Holes. In the previous statement, I really tried to explain it in a very layman manner and trust me it’s not that much simple but, for this article, this is enough!!!

Further studies on these AGNs revealed that there are some quasars and relativistic jets also. Those SMBHs which are blasting energy into the universe and pointed towards earth are called Blazars. If they are with an angle, then we call it as Quasars. If they are perpendicular to our line of view then we call it as a radio galaxy. All these are the same thing and only differentiated according to our direction of view.

Okay….now you are ready to understand the discovery…

A research team used the telescopes at the Large Binocular Telescope Observatory (LBTO) in Arizona, USA and observed a blazar 13 billion light-years from Earth. This blazer is designated as PSO J030947.49+271757.31 (or PSO J0309+27). It is the most distant blazar ever observed by mankind!!!

The study that describes the finding is also published in journal Astronomy and Astrophysics. Like most of the blazars, PSO J0309+27 has a relativistic jet but this is only visible along a narrow line of sight which means that Earth should be aligned with it.

Before its discovery, astronomers didn’t find any clue regarding a Blazar or a Quasar working at such a large distance. Moreover, since it was found at a distance of 13  billion light-years from Earth that means it was active less than 1 Billion years after the Big Bang.

With its discovery, astronomers now can study more about it and finally can give possible explanation about the formation of primordial supermassive black holes. Also, it gives a conformation that numerous blazars and quasars were still there in the early universe.

In short, we are on the verge to discover something extraordinary about the evolution of our universe!!!

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