Hadron epoch is the 6th step according to the chronology of the universe. It’s the very next step after Quark Epoch. Hadron Epoch was started approximately started from 10^-6 seconds after Big Bang and ended around 1 second.

If you haven’t read my article on the Quark Epoch or Electroweak epoch, then I suggest you first to read that article so that, you can understand this article fully…..

This phase was triggered by the formation of different hadrons like protons and neutrons as the temperature of universe was low enough to finally start the process of formation of hadrons which is a kind of elementary particles.

At this time period, the universe was still expanding very rapidly and it reached to a size similar to our solar system today only in 1 second. Remember, I mentioned about quark-gluon plasma in my previous article on Electroweak Epoch……that same Quark-gluon plasma was getting larger and quarks were being father apart from each other. As a result, when the distance between two quarks due to expansion of the universe exceeds 10^-15 meters, the gluon elastic force broke and produced two new quarks, one in each of its end.

Parallel to this process, they were also started to move slowly and soon enough energy wasn’t left to break gluon elastic force as the universe’s temperature was dropped to 10 thousand million degrees and those quarks permanently tied to one or more of its neighbours thus forming the hadrons.

Production of neutrinos was also in a high rate due to the continuous collision of electrons and protons to form neutrons and in the process giving out neutrinos. The reverse was also happening. Neutrinos and neutrons were also re-combining to form proton and electron pairs.

Hadron Epoch is followed by lepton epoch as per the Chronology of the Universe and I am going to write about it in my next article.

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