Planck epoch and beginning of time!!! the dynamic frequency Ratnadeep Das Choudhury

As I said in my previous article on Chronology of the universe that, I will explain each of the stages in detail. So, in this blog I am going to explain the very first stage of our universe: The plank Epoch.

Planck epoch represents the closest time-period we can get to the big bang explosion. Very little is known to us about this time period as most of the evidences are destroyed now.

We use Plank epoch to refer time from 0 to 10^-43 seconds (also known as 1 plank time) after big bang explosion. According to our current understanding, this is the closest we can get to the explosion where the current understanding of physics is applicable.

From our current understanding, all we know that the universe was all about a region of 10^-35 m which is 1 plank length.

It is generally assumed that at this stage the universe was dominated by quantum effects of gravity.

During this stage, the four fundamentals forces of nature were unified or had same power and hence the current physics laws may not be applicable.

Plank epoch was succeeded by Grand unification epoch.

My next article will be on Grand Unification epoch.

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