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No one knows the complete truth about the creation of our universe. From the understanding of mankind till now, we developed certain theories regarding the creation of Cosmos.

A Crisped introduction to Cosmic Inflation:- Expansion of Cosmos in Fraction of Seconds!!! Ratnadeep Das Choudhury The Dynamic Frequency
Andrei Linde
One of the most accepted theory about the creation of universe is Big Bang theory. I have already dedicated a whole article about it. So, before proceeding further I request you to check my article on Big Bang Theory to understand this article in a better way…….

Another theory which is widely believed is Big Bounce Theory. I have also explained it in my article on ‘End of Universe’.

What I explained in the article on Big Bang Theory, was just a small segment of the complete story of Big Bang…..
A Crisped introduction to Cosmic Inflation:- Expansion of Cosmos in Fraction of Seconds!!! Ratnadeep Das Choudhury The Dynamic Frequency
Alexei Starobinsky

Big Bang comprises of various stages. Here, in this article, I am going to explain Inflation or inflation epoch which is one of those important stages and the mechanism behind it…..

Inflation is a part of physical cosmology and it’s the third step in the expansion of the universe after Big Bang. The inflation epoch lasted from 10^-36 seconds to sometime between 10^-33 and 10^-32 seconds after singularity stage. During this stage, the universe was expanding with high acceleration but, after this stage, it doesn't have that much acceleration.

A Crisped introduction to Cosmic Inflation:- Expansion of Cosmos in Fraction of Seconds!!! Ratnadeep Das Choudhury The Dynamic Frequency
Alan Guth
Inflation theory was developed by theoretical physicist like Alexei Starobinsky, Andrei Linde and Alan Guth.

Inflation epoch was triggered by the separation of strong nuclear force from the unified forces. After that, the universe exponentially expanded with an acceleration which is known as Inflation or Cosmic Inflation.

In this stage, the elementary particles remaining from the Grand Unification Epoch (the previous stage of inflation epoch) become very thinly across the cosmos.

Also Quantum Fluctuations in the microscopic inflationary region when magnified to cosmic size it becomes the seed for the growth of structure of the universe.

Problems solved by Inflation theory:-

1) The Great Horizon problem:-

Many scientist like Georges Lemaitre, Richard Chase Tolman (in his Cyclic or Oscillatory model of universe) and Charles Misner (by his Mixmaster Unicerse model) but they all failed because of the continues build-up of entropy over the several cycles. But the introduction of inflation theory completely solves the problem.  

The horizon problem refers to the problem of the fact about the appearance of cosmos as statistically homogeneous and isotropic.

Inflation says that, since gravitational expansion didn’t gave the early phase of universe to equilibrate. As a result, the matter and radiation cannot be equilibrated as they move faster than the speed of light.

2) Magnetic-monopole problem:-

It is one of the most debatable unsolved problem in physics. Although, inflation theory shows us some light of hope to solve this problem but still, this remained as one of the difficult problem to answer.  It is difficult because no one has ever found a single magnetic monopole.

It is problem which arises with the introduction of Grand Unified theories. This theories predicted a number of heavy and stable particle which are not observed in the universe. One of those particle is Magnetic Monopole, a kind of stable charged particle of magnetic field. Monopoles are predicted to be produced following the Grand Unified Theories at high temperature and they should have persisted to the present day to an extent that they would become the primary constituent of the universe.
Inflation solves the problem by this way: Occurrence of inflation below the temperature where magnetic monopoles can be produced forced the separation of monopoles from each other as the cosmos expands and potentially lowering their observed density by many orders of magnitude.

3) Flatness Problem:-

It is problem of Big Bang model of universe. It shows that the density of matter and the energy in the early stage universe was fine-tuned and any deviation from these values would have extreme effects on the appearance of the universe at the current time. This affects the curvature of spacetime and provide us a critical value which is required for a flat universe. Inflation also solves this problem with ease but to understand how it did it, we have to go to its mathematical side which is out of the scope of this article.

In my following articles, I will briefly show you how Flatness problem was solved by inflation mathematically and also what is the timeline of Big bang. Once those articles will be published I will share the links in this article…….

Inflationary epoch was followed by Electroweak epoch which is fourth step as per the chronology of the universe

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