There are objects everywhere and every object is made up of particles. Collectively we refer to these particles as matter.

But these particles have a very peculiar property. It has been observed that if a particle in a pair of particles is disturbed then the same amount of disturbance happens with the other particle.

This can be understand in small distances but, the real problem arises when the same thing happens at a very large distance. 

Let’s understand it by a simple example….

Every matter particle has their corresponding antiparticle. Electron has its counterpart positron. When they collide, they completely destroy themselves and give out pure energy in the form of photons. It is called annihilation. Let us assume that they give out annihilation energy in the form of two photons 1 and 2.

We know the spin obeys the conservation of angular momentum. So, if electron and positron has 0 spin then the two photons must have 0 zero spin. The spin of neither of the photons is defined, but it is given that the spin of one photons must be opposite to the spin of the other photon.

As I explained in my articles on Relation of uncertainty principle and wave function and in the article on Wavefunction analysis, whenever we observe a wave-function to find the exact value of momentum and velocity, the wavefunction has to collapse.   

The same thing happens when we observe photon 1 or 2 and tries to measure its spin. To fulfil the law of conservation of angular momentum, immediately after the collapse of the wave function of A, the same of the B should be collapse.

Here, we can see that the state of photon A directly influences the state of photon B, regardless of their distances. This type of state where the change of one’s property influences or changes the property of other object’s property is called Quantum Entanglement.    

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