In my article on types of supernovae, I mentioned about all the types of supernovae and Supernovae. If you haven’t read that article then, I strongly recommend you to read that article first and then continue reading this article……

In that article I explained that type 1 supernovae are believed to be created by the detonation of carbon white dwarfs when it collapses because of electron degeneracy.

Type 1a is a special case of Type 1 supernovae in which two stars revolve around each other. One of the star is white dwarf and another may be a white dwarf or a giant star or a smaller star than the white dwarf. 

When a white dwarf merges with another white dwarf  which is a very rare event, it exceeds the Chandrashekhar limit and begin to collapse and raising the temperature. Within a few seconds of the initiation of nuclear fusion a fraction of the matter of white dwarf undergoes runaway reaction (a kind of reaction which tend to increase the temperature of the system further and proceed to a destructive result, a kind of uncontrolled positive feedback) and as a result it initialise the supernovae.

Type 1a category of supernovae produces consistent peak luminosity because of the uniform mass of white dwarfs that explode via the accretion mechanism. The stability of this value allows these explosions to be used as standard candles to measure the distance to their host galaxies because the visual magnitude of the supernovae depends primarily on the distance.

They are the brightest of all supernovae with an absolute magnitude of MB ~ -19.5 at maximum light, occur in all galaxy types, and are characterised by a silicon absorption feature in their maximum light spectra. They can eject material at speeds of the order of 10,000 km/s and outshine an entire galaxy at their peak brightness.

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