Now, the next step in the process or it’s better to say like this: The process of degeneracy when the mass exceeds the Chandrashekhar limit of 1.44 solar masses. This type of degeneracy is called Neutron Degeneracy because in this even electrons degeneracy can’t hold the gravitational collapse of a star but neutrons can.

Just like electron degeneracy, neutron degeneracy is an application of the Pauli Exclusion Principle. No two neutrons can occupy identical states, even under the pressure of a collapsing star of several solar masses. For stellar masses, less than about 1.44 solar masses (the Chandrasekhar limit), the energy from the gravitational collapse is not sufficient to produce the neutrons of a neutron star, so the collapse is halted by electron degeneracy to form white dwarfs. 

Illustration of a Neutron Star with its magnetic field lines
Illustration of a Neutron Star with its magnetic field lines
Above 1.44 solar masses, enough energy is available from the gravitational collapse to force the combination of electrons and protons to form neutrons. As the star contracts further, all the lowest neutron energy levels are filled and the neutrons are forced into higher and higher energy levels, filling the lowest unoccupied energy levels. This creates an effective pressure that prevents further gravitational collapse, forming a neutron star.

However, for masses greater than 2 to 3 solar masses, even neutron degeneracy can't prevent further collapse and it continues toward the black hole state.

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