In my previous articles on Quantum Tunnelling I tried to explain nuclear fusion using this phenomenon and also explained quantum tunnelling using uncertainty principle and quantum superposition.

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Most of the phenomenon in quantum mechanics or quantum world has no visible impact in macro-world and in day to day life but, quantum tunnelling is one of the very few quantum phenomenon which has great impact in our macro-world.

The structure of our own bodies is determined by DNA molecule. But, the strange thing is that protons within this molecule experience quantum tunnelling and can change our genetic makeup!!!

These random genetic mutations caused by quantum tunnelling may even be linked to the existence of cancer. DNA mutations which results in paralysis, cancer and many other disorders are due to quantum tunnelling during fertilization or during DNA replication some of the genes molecule tunnel itself and pairs with some other gene (nucleotide) which results in improper cell growth and development. But, more research is needed in this regard.

Cancer cells
Cancer cells 
Apart from the application of quantum tunnelling in nuclear fusion, DNA and Cancer, it has also used to develop advance technologies like tunnelling diode, tunnelling microscope, super conductors and transistors. Tunnelling also occurs during phenomenon like radioactive decay and in flash discs (pendrives).

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