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Why comparison of particles with tiny magnets is not accurate???

Let me explain this with a little example….

Imagine that you somehow get an electron. You placed it on a Cartesian graph having x and y axis. That electron have an spin 1 and points to the Y direction.

Now repeat the experiment with an classical magnet.

We will get no magnetic field pointing in the X direction in the second case. It’s a kind of obvious, as both X and Y are perpendicular.

But twist comes when we try to measure the spin for an electron or electron like particle in X direction…..

If we measure the spin then, we will observe that, half of the time we are getting spin as 1 and in the other half of the time we will get -1.

This is the beauty of quantum world. It always has something baffle you and will keep your mouth open out of amazement.

So, does this represent anything wrong in the theory???

No, it doesn’t....

Actually, if you try to get the average of the values we got ( spin 1 in half of the time and spin -1 during other of half) is equal to zero which corresponds to our value with classical magnets.

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