You will always find something different from our common sense while studying Quantum Mechanics. There is always something which can’t be understand if we think as a normal people. For understanding QM, we always need to understand the hardcore topics of maths and physics. In this article, I am going to discuss of one such important hardcore physics topic which you can say, act like a corner stone of quantum world along with Schrodinger’s equation.

Heisenberg’s Uncertainty principle was proposed by German physicist Werner Heisenberg in 1927. This principle is very much useful when we are observing something in the atomic level or beyond. Firstly, try to understand the meaning of the ‘Uncertainty’. This single word has a great value in Quantum World.

werner heisenberg
Werner Heisenberg
In simple terms, ‘uncertain’ means something which is not fixed or we can simplify it more and explain as something which always has a tendency to change. The same phenomenon happen when we observe something in quantum level. The Heisenberg Uncertainty states that there are pairs of physical properties whose precise values cannot be known simultaneously. If we try to know one property more precisely then we will get more uncertain about the other property.

One of the most famous pair of such properties is momentum and position. The uncertainty in the position of a particle is multiplied with uncertainty in the momentum is always greater than or equal to plank constant divided by 4π.

                                                         ∆x ∙ ∆p ≥h/4ℼ

The more accurately one knows the position of a particle, the less information one has about its momentum. The uncertainty principle is often mistakenly interchanges with the so-called observer effect. It states that ant time a system is observed, its states inevitably changes. This effect has no relation with Heisenberg’s principle because the uncertainty principle in momentum and position exists all the time regardless of the presence of observer.

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