Motion; at first sight it is something incredibly uninteresting and trivial. People have been studying motion for thousands of years,but was not until 1687,  when Issac Newton formulated his three laws of motion, that people finally started to  understand it more deeply. But even his laws were not perfect, and in 1905 came the special theory of relativity, which describes the motion of objects moving at high speeds, formulated by Albert Einstein. But there is another theory that started to develop at the same time. A theory that completely changed our perception of reality. In 1900, the cornerstone of quantum mechanics was laid.

Albert Einstein
Albert Einstein

In simple terms Quantum Mechanics describes physics which describes the mechanism and nature of materials at the smallest scales of energy of subatomic energy.For example, as per the standard model of physics we know the properties of each subatomic particle. Now, Quantum mechanics helps us to find those properties and helps us to explain their behaviors.

Quantum Mechanics deals with objects fro so-called micro-world, like particles or atoms. These objects behave nothing like objects of “classical” proportions from the so-called macro-world we ordinarily deal with, and thus cannot be described by classical physics.

Max plank
Max Plank

If you search through the history you will find that quantum mechanics gradually arose from theories which explains the observations which cannot be explained by classical physics. For example, Max Plank's solution to the black body radiation problem in 1900. Scientists like Erwin Schrodinger, Werner Heisenberg, Albert Einstein, Max Born etc. had given a great contribution toward this subject.

Erwin Schrodinger
Erwin Schrodinger

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"Einstein said that if Quantum Mechanics were correct then the world would be crazy.
Einstein was right world is crazy."

                                                                                             -Daniel M. Greenberger
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